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On Your Decision To Become A Travel Ambassador

We are delighted and grateful of your decision to work with us and take the voyage of travel, adventure, community, financial freedom, and flexibility that is waiting for you.


Our goal as a team is for you to feel welcomed, confident, and connected so that you may achieve all of your dreams and aspirations.

Follow Instructions Below To Join

Step 1

To Enroll follow the link that was sent to you.

For mobile device...

First click the top left circle with lines to access enroll area.


Web capture_29-7-2022_9256_dreamtripsintl_edited.jpg


Step 2
Web capture_29-7-2022_92526_dreamtripsintl_edited.jpg

Click JOIN NOW to Become An Independent Business Owner. This is to set up your business.

Step 3


Step 4

Complete Form, Review & Click Next

Choose your refer code. This will be used to share your replicated site.

example: maximizedreamtravel

Web capture_29-7-2022_831_dreamtripsintl_edited.png

Check that you have the correct enroller.

Step 5

**If you have questions about which travel membership to purchase contact the person that sent you this link.


Select Builder Pack

Select your Builder Pack and select the IBO Monthly Subscription to become an Independent Business Owner

Check Select

Check Select

Step 6


Click the box and click to place your order.

Check that you have the correct purchase.

It may take a few minutes for all the systems to connect and set up your Business Center. When it's ready you will receive a welcome email from the company. Until then scroll down to find links to Fast Start Your Business.

*note: There is a 72 hour hold  before a new member can access the Travel Portal due to set up process.

Call Your Sponsor & Celebrate

Fast Start Your Business

Connect & Plug In


Company Updates & Announcements can be accessed in the DTI Connection FaceBook Group *only active Travel Ambassadors in this FB group.

Corporate Updates are every Thursday @3PST | 5CST | 6EST

on Replays are found on the DTI Connection FB group.


Travel Ambassadors Only:


DTI Connection - Private group for DreamTrips International Travel Ambassadors only. 

Dream Lux Academy - Private group for Team Travel Ambassadors only. Review in Guide - Getting Started materials.

Travel Membership Only:


Official DreamTrips Community - DreamTrips International is a members-only travel club that caters to those that want the convenience of curated travel, access to the best prices in travel and a way to enhance their lifestyle.

ATM Groups:

*see Sale/Share for instructions to utilize these (Add Tag Message) groups.


Official DreamTrips Community - Private group to add prospective members.


Dream Lux Club - Private group to add prospective Travel Ambassadors.


Refer to Your Welcome Email and Training Docs to Plug In

Welcome Email - Read through the company's welcome email to get plugged into your Business Center and your Travel portal. Follow the instructions on booking your Discover Trip. Click Here for Discover


Booking Dream Trips - Click Here for procedures in booking your Dream Trips

I'm In. What Do I Do Next?

Welcome Email

DTI welcome email will have have your log in information to get started in your Business Center, Personal Website and Travel Portal.


Keep track of these common links:

Logging In:

  • Go to

  • Enter your username

  • Enter your password

  • If you don't know your password, use the password reset button. You must have a vaild email address for the password reset button to work. 

Fast Start Onboarding

  1. Review the Fast Start Onboarding Guide. To access this document look in the Guides area of the Dream Lux Academy FB group.

  2. Watch the Fast Start Onboard video in the Dream Lux Academy FB group.

  3. Every Monday @5PDT | 7CDT | 8EST tune into the Academy Mastery Training on the Dream Lux Academy FB group.

Business Center

Get familiar with your new business center, explore and ask questions.

Company FAQs many of your questions will be answered here.

DreamTrips Mobile App


Download DTI Mobile App

If you already have an existing RapidFunnel account, simply add the dti group code to get access to the new content:

1) Log in to the App, or type in on your mobile browser

2) Once you're logged in, click 'More' at the bottom right then tap on 'Settings'

3) Click 'Group Code'

4) Type dti and hit the plus icon, then remove your old group codes

Resource Workshop Training - Rapid Funnel App

Mondays @2PST | 4CST | 5EST


DTI Overviews, Event Calendar, past trainings and many more resources can be accessed in the app.


Understand why Dream Trips is exploding in the travel industry. DreamTrips Overview



  • Founder Packs are available to IBO's who were enrolled and active on or before July 27, 2022.

  • Founder Packs come with an additional Binary Bonus (see flyer in the tools section of your back office for details). 

  • The Founder DreamPack comes with a discounted travel passport that can be used to purchase any Discover DreamTrip ExperienceTM for $599.

  • The Founder Discover and Founder Discover Elite Packs include a single occupancy Discover Dreamtrip ExperienceTM. 

Sharing as a Travel Ambassador

Steps for Best Conversion Rate When Sharing/Selling Dream Trips International

Connect to Tools |  Leaders | Travel


Share the DreamTrips Sizzle Video to your prospect.

Follow up with a video on the Dream Trips Business Model


Determine how does Dream Trips fit into their life right now?


-Travel Ambassador

-Someone to refer your business

Prospect Qualities for Fast Business Builders

1. Likes to travel

2. High level of influence/impact 3. Has time to build

4. Has money to start now


ATM (Add, Tag, Message)  Facebook groups. Once a relationship is built ask if you can ADD your prospect to a FB group, TAG them in a comment to a post and MESSAGE them in a 3-way message with a sponsor to get questions answered and provide social proof.


Invite your business prospect into the Dream Lux Club FB group and Tag them on the...

DreamTrips Video

and add a comment. "@Janie - can you see us working together and traveling the world!!"

Invite your membership prospect into the Official DreamTrips Community FB group and Tag them on a post and add a comment. "@Janie - can you see us traveling the world together!!"


FB Messenger 3-Way Chat.  Once your prospect is in the FB group and exploring the information connect them with your business partner to start a FB Messenger 3-way-chat.

"Janie, I want to introduce you to my business partner, Renee. Renee is a mom of 3 and a successful business entrepreneur. She has been successful in the networking marketing space building a 7 figure income and now she is on her way to doing the same here at Dream Trips International. She is well connected in this company and the industry and will be happy to answer any questions you may have."



Set up with your sponsor or someone in the company you know your prospect will resonate with to answer any questions and to help you close the enrollment.


Enroll  Once your prospect is ready to enroll as a Travel Ambassador or sign up for a Travel Membership.

  1. Direct them to your personal travel website to enroll.

  2. (Business Prospects Only) Send this page link to help enrolling into DTI and also to follow next steps in getting connected and Fast Start their business.

Celebrate You Just Sponsored a Travel Ambassador!!


What Next

Engagement after your business partner enrolls is critical.


Congratulate your new business partner on this BIG decision and make sure they review the information in these sections to get connected and plugged in to Fast Start their business.


Welcome your new business partner into the DTI Connection FB Group and other appropriate platforms.

*use the DTI badge templates when welcoming a new Travel Ambassador to stay consistent with company branding. Make your "I'm in" on


Arrange 3-way welcome chat on Messenger in Facebook. with your business partner to introduce and welcome your newest Travel Ambassador. Use the 3-way Facebook chat you started when you invited them into the Dream Lux Club


Get connected to the FB groups and know how to plug into the FaceBook groups.


Check-in daily in the first weeks Come alongside of their vision, create an action plan and provide the tools so they can move as quick as they choose.

Just Enrolled A Travel Ambassador


Help and encourage them to schedule the Discover Trip ASAP.

Traveling By Bus

Plan Where Your Going

Sign up for a free course on how to get your business off to a fast start, complete with videos, handouts, and exclusive team information.


The course is self-paced and designed to guide you through the process of learning all you need to know to start sharing Dream Trips.

Trip Planning
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